Well, lets get this kicked off then…

Posted: May 23, 2011 in not really sure

First of all I would like to say hi to anyone that has drifted this way and found themselves washed up on my little blog island in an ever more confusing sea of reality.

This blog came about for a number of reasons;

1. I am a very opinionated person and have great difficulty in not expressing that.

2. I believe that a great way to learn is to take the chance an throw out to examination my viewpoint, then learn from criticism, and discussion, debate and the access to now information that this can provide.

3. A few people said that I should start writing as it seem to be good for me…

4. I am a foreigner in a strange land, a fish out of water, the proverbial square peg and over time I have seen that I share this with may others.  I believe that by cooperation, networking and learning from each other, we can establish some sort of support network to somewhat replace what we left behind after moving across the world.

My intention is to share some of my thoughts, instigate debate and discussion and to offer my perspective upon issues that concern, affect or interest me.

I do not believe that I am always right, I make a lot of mistakes and can go off half cocked at the drop of a hat.  The point is that if I am wrong, or if there is some adjustment required, then by laying my opinion exposed to scrutiny and dissection, I may grow, evolve and move my knowledge further.  So please forgive me if I sometimes appear to seek to offend, it is just that I really am sick and tired of what I refer to as ‘the long dance’ that seems to take forever, is made impossible by political correctness and peoples reticence, or perhaps the lost art of debate .

Anyway, I will give this a go and see where it leads me.

  1. KBA says:

    Hi, – like your style, share points 1-4 and wish I had come up with your last paragraph myself…look forward to following your musings and maybe batting some comments to and fro. You´ve inspired me to get going again too after a week or so off (blogging). Thanks for sharing!

  2. jenaconti says:

    Wow! You have written a lot already! I need to catch up. But good for you that you have started this blog. I started mine only a few months ago and it has been really therapeutic. Otherwise we just sit at home and scream at the walls I guess! 🙂

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