You know you have been an expat too long when…

Posted: May 26, 2011 in humour

  1. You seem to be always wearing rose coloured glasses when you think of home.
  2. You have forgotten the real reasons you left you birth nation in the first place.
  3. Whenever you visit your homeland, you constantly sing the praises of the country where you now live.
  4. Many of your favourite foods from home no longer actually taste that good when you get to try them again.
  5. When you read newspaper articles from home, you get upset and think “They are destroying my home”.
  6. You become politically engaged in your new country and get really upset about things that you cannot vote on.
  7. You start bouncing between your native language and the language of your new home seemingly at random.
  8. You start to identify comfort foods among the local offerings.
  9. When you call to friends at home, they tell you your accent has changed.
  10. You start to see great ideas in your ‘new’ country that would be brilliant solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems back home.
  11. The thought of moving back to your homeland is no longer a real option and you recognise the challenges that would present more than the opportunities.
  12. You begin to publicly disagree with your homelands immigration and national defence policies.
  13. You start to actually follow football and winter sports.

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