The Idea Bank

Posted: May 31, 2011 in humour, ideas
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My head is often filled with strange and somewhat curious ideas.

Interestingly, many of my past flashes of inspiration have come into being,  or are similar to that which those with the resources to make them happen are working on.

So I thought I would start to jot some down, just to keep track…

  • A 747 party plane that is a nightclub, bar or perhaps a spa concept for long haul flights.
  • A software program that makes computers respond to threats of physical violence, like when they crash.
  • A ‘babel fish’ accessory that can be worn in the ear to allow you to understand foreign languages, this could be complimented by a contact lens that shows translations of foreign text into your mother tongue.  part of some sort of smart phone application.
  • An app for smart phones that allows users to take a picture of potholes and other  dangerous road conditions and then using the inbuilt GPS allows users to report them to the roads authority via email with a copy being sent to the user as confirmation of reporting.  This would end road authorities being able to use the ignorance defence.

That is what has just popped into my head, but as more surface of my very foggy and sometimes spiderweblike mind, I’ll add them to the list.



  1. EWian says:

    Love the idea of the babel fish!
    as for the” app for smart phones that allows users to take a picture of potholes…” there is one called “fix my street” and one translated to Norwegian called “FiksGataMi”


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