A cry goes out for help…

Posted: July 20, 2011 in employment, not really sure

You find me in a position of need…


Due to my locating new employment in Kongsberg I find myself in need of accommodation.

I begin work on the 1st August so am looking to locate something starting a few days before if possible.

Thankfully it seems that in Kongsberg, my skills and experience are more important than my Nationality…YES!!!

So I ask you, implore you, if you know of somebody who has an apartment, a hybel or the like, a room to rent in the Kongsberg area, please drop me a line.  I can share a place, have no problems with pets (I grew up in a house that was like a Zoo), no prejudices on religion, sexual orientation or the like, in fact, if I’m honest, living in Geilo has made me realise that I miss having gay friends in my life.

So, I am on my knees, begging, help……

I am looking to pay around 5000,- pr month rent but can squeeze a bit higher if I must.

Cheers and sorry to be such a needy bastard…


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