OK, and now the next on the ‘to do’ list

Posted: July 25, 2011 in accommodation, employment, not really sure

So, I have secured a job and have even found myself an aprtment in Kongsberg in which to live during the week.

The thing is, the apartment is a 2 bedroom and it costs a bit for 1 person, so….

If you know of someone who is looking for a place in Kongsberg, nice and central, big bedrooms, fireplace (oven actually) and walking distance from a great jazz pub, drop me a line.

There are 2 verandahs, a decent kitchen (no dishwasher- so old school) and it is a charming old house.  We have a Kiwi pretty much next door so last minute groceries are no worries.

4000,- NOK a month plus power, I am going to sort out internet and subject to the landlords approval, all will be fine.

So, we split the rent (4000,- each a month), the electricity, internet and satellite tv costs and make new friends…

I am open minded as to sex, sexuality, race, religion, colour, height and tastes in music, all I ask is that you are not a slob and that we keep it down a bit, the landlord lives downstairs and has kids…

Besides, if we need a pint, we can walk to the jazz pub.


  1. jenaconti says:

    I missed this post while I was on vacation. You got a job! Congrats! Nice to know it can be done! 🙂

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