There are no words…

Posted: July 25, 2011 in Norwegian culture, not really sure

The last few days has been like something out of the twilight zone.

First a friend died in a base jumping accident, a great guy, loved by all who knew him and a real ray of sunshine in an otherwise often overcast world.

Arne, gonna miss seeing you around, rest in peace mate.

Then the events that unfolded on Friday 22 July in Oslo centre and on Utøya.

I watched this unfold on the tv whilst down at the hytte with the family and a lot of the extended family, so surrounded by laughing kids and people who are dear to my heart.

All of us adults were transfixed in disbelief at what we were seeing on the news and when the reports from Utøya began it was completely indescribable.

So I want to just reach out and say that for all those who are directly affected, my heart bleeds for you.  To the nation of Norway, the people and culture of this land, the way people have reacted, consoling one another, keeping composure and not resorting to the rage and need for revenge that are all too easily dominant, you have my heartfelt condolences and respect.

This madman has committed such an atrocious act, evil to its core and unfathomable in its enormity and scale that it defies understanding. As the details emerge of just how sick this abomination of an excuse for a person thought through and meticulously planned this heinous act I cannot help but feel that our thirst for information may not be in our best interests.

This scum-bag seeks attention, he wants some sort of pedestal from which to publicise his twisted logic and I am grateful that the Norwegian Justice system denied him that today in court.

My own feeling on this matter, what to do with him, the 21 year sentence limit in Norway and the nagging desire to see him come to some horrible end is tempered by my belief in the rule of law and that out of such sorrow, shock and horror, good will emerge.

I  have made it reasonably clear that I am not the greatest fan of many Norwegian cultural traits and that I am not particularly engendered of the Arbeider party, however, I believe that debate, discussion, the environment where it accepted that people will disagree and the political system we use (despite its many flaws) are important in how we grow and learn, how we identify our place and role in a greater society.  We live together, we interact and are all responsible for our own actions and somewhat for the actions of others.  Society is greater than any one of us and only by cooperation and tolerance, openness and compassion can we strive to learn, grow and be greater.  Our strength is often derived from those who stand with us and in those we would seek to protect.  That someone would take noble ideals and aspiration then twist them into some unrecognisable hatred and self justifying act of mass murder is to me just completely without any logic or semblance of understanding.

Resorting to mindless violence has never ever achieved anything good or progressive that is worth defending.  Scare tactics designed to motivate by fear are pointless and will never succeed in a robust culture and that has been made very clear by how people are responding; with outpouring of love and solidarity.  IT is amazing to see that race, colour and creed are forgotten, the desire for status and the separation of classes are discarded as all feel the deep wound and void that such a horrendous act creates.

There are no words that I can imagine will help to ease the pain of a nation, or those who have lost loved ones in such a barbaric manner.

All I can say is that I truly feel for you and I too am left with the question that is booming in my mind…Why?

To all those who lost their life in the events of July 22nd 2011…Rest in peace




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