The top 1%

Posted: October 18, 2011 in not really sure

Reading the news lately and following the unravelling of the worlds economic system (remember economics is an art, not a science), I can’t help but have a recurring thought…

The top 1%, as they are referred to, the ultra rich and ‘powerful’ usually are directly involved with numbers, be it banking, investment, running globalised business, politics, etc.

Surely they remember basic mathematics and have some grip on history?

1% is a lot less than 99% .

Remember Colonel Custer?

Take everything away from people, they have nothing to lose and you have no real power over them.

The occupy wall street protest are I suspect the beginning of something even bigger, riots in Rome and Greece, the Arab Spring, the signs are there that the current state of affairs is unsustainable and unravelling.

The western governments response to protests and calls for change, in a supposedly democratic, free society have been brutal, heavy handed and more reminiscent of dictatorships and military juntas.

The E.U represents everything that millions died to prevent in 2 world wars.  Unelected elitist aristocrats lining their pockets, forcing policies on member states that contravene domestic policies and laws, whilst trying to rescue a doomed monetary union of extremely diverse states and cultures.

What worries me is what comes next.

And what it means for my children.

  1. currybadger says:

    Interesting perspective on the EU, I’ve never really herd that angle on the issue.

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