Well, doesn’t time fly…

Posted: March 26, 2012 in not really sure

Big hi to everyone, sorry I haven’t posted for a while, but the new job has kept me flat out, especially working outside in minus 20….

Still perusing the job ads looking for the elusive career opportunity, but as yet, not a lot of luck.

I would have thought that in Kongsberg, my English skills would have been advantageous over in the technology park, especially from many of the comments¬† hear from people that work there, but alas, it would seem that Norwegians cultivated on Americanisms get the jobs……

Been following the news a lot of late, is it just me or is the current Norwegian government like some kind of keystone cops version of organised crime, except they aren’t organised.

So far, there are pedophiles, corruption scandals, liars and a complete inability to recognise a conflict of interest.

So, good to know the country is in good hands and as the media has been telling anyone who will listen, that it is us immigrants that present the greatest threat to the nation and its culture.

Still trying to actually understand what the culture is, other than drinking like teenagers, living in a perpetual state of blind optimism, taking as much time off as possible and settling for ‘it’ll do’ for everything.

That was harsh, there are lots of good things, just can’t name any right now….

So, how has everyone been?



  1. sw says:

    Don’t disagree with your reflections on the government here, but again, seemed like a pretty good overview of the current australian political scene!
    The difference is that we don’t have govt subsidised print media in australia (not suggesting for one min it is impartial though) so there politcal debate and critique. The old addage, don’t bite the hand that feeds you… The irony of the logic that “a free and independant media is important for democracy, so therefor we will fund it” is never lost on me…

    • Yeah, seems that my ‘idea’ of what journalism should represent, honest brokering and reporting of the facts is just an illusion. Getting harder and harder to keep optimistic nowadays, whilst I see this blog as a safe place to vent my frustrations and hopefully find some feedback that may enlighten something that has eluded me, I keep coming back to the same conclusion. I do not want to stay in Norway. There is nothing here for me, it is a ‘closed’ society and as a foreigner, I am not allowed to join.

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