The Dual Citizenship issue in Norway

Posted: July 27, 2013 in links I want to share, Norwegian culture, not really sure

In Norway, many of us are involved in mixed Nationality relationships, which, one would imagine is a good thing, especially for our children.

That they have cultural connections across borders and belong to a more ‘globalised’ world, perhaps contributing to better understanding of foreign cultures, prevention of wars and othe conflicts in the future.  After all, that is the argument made to justify the existence of the E.U isn’t it?

Well, recently it has flared up that children, born IN NORWAY, of mixed nationality couples, who attain their birthright citizenship from the foreign parents home country lose their Norwegian Citizenship.

It appears that the UDI interpret it as applying for another Citizenship, which is strictly forbidden as then the earth would open up, demons descend from the heavens and Norway would face ragnarok, or armageddon.  Which would be a bad thing.

This is despite the very real fact that many children already have dual citizenship, especially, those born to a Norwegian Parent outside of Norway.

So, a little double standard goes a long way to stave of the destruction of Norway….

Anyway, on Facebook, there is now a group, actually a few, that have taken this issue up and are fighting to get some logic inserted into a clearly dysfunctional, outdated and rather stupid law that appears to have been crafted with the help of some of Oslo’s fines Crack Cocaine and Hjemmebrent.

So , if you have kids, born in Norway, regardless of where you now live, and they have acquired dual Citizenship from your or your spouses homeland, take a peek and join the debate.

We need this to come forward in the media (it has so far in VG – Front page) and get it sorted as some families face being broken up, some are barred from returning to Norway as the kids have been stripped of their Citizenship.

Any anecdotes or tales from your experiences with the UDI would be good,  as they are like a fawlty towers episode and any other relevant info, such as how your home nation defines the right to Citizenship by decent.  Is it Automatic, by recognition or must you seek it?

So here is a link to the sites on Facebook in Norway.  Join the fight!!



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