Ahh Norway, the land of the ‘bugger off to where you came from’ mentality

Posted: July 28, 2013 in not really sure

This is from the Foreigner.no..


highly recommended site for news in Norway for us Invaders and helpful if you are wondering why your Norwegian workmates are twats and lazy sods…


All hot under the blue collar

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EDITORIAL: ‘Norwegian jobs for Norwegian workers,’ squealed Norway’s biggest union last week. If you are a foreigner, like me, LO is certainly not looking for you.


The ploy, if conscious – there is nothing to prove otherwise – was a clever all-rounder. This nationalistic, Gordon Brown-like noise came from the Lefties, but also played to the Right-Wingers’ immigrant xenophobia.

LO’s (the Confederation of Trade Unions) cry draws parallels with the Turks’ position in present-day Germany. They’re foreign, they take jobs away from Germans – even if they’re the type of tasks Germans might consider beneath them.

Then there is the Norwegian welfare state. An influx of foreigners to the country, one historically known for its own mass emigration to the States some 100 years ago, has sparked fears about its sustainability…should they stay. Consequently, keeping too many foreigners or the wrong type of one out – à la Norway Rightist restrictive immigration policy – must be the answer.

Well, not entirely. The issue is a conundrum bearing in mind Norway’s current labour shortage, particularly acute in the oil and healthcare sectors.

Getting the resident work-able labour force to fill these tens of thousands of positions instead is problematic if the education system lacks the requisite number of teachers, if there are not enough (qualified) Norwegians to go round, and if Norwegian employers would prefer to give jobs to their own rather than those with a foreign-sounding name.

And how do you get hold of any available ethnic Norwegian (ugh) staff if younger people healthy enough to work would rather draw NAV (Labour and Welfare Administration) benefits than “get up and work”, as Maggie Thatcher said in her day?

Moreover, LO’s new leader Gerd Kristiansen is also Thatcherite, somewhat ironically. She put the cat amongst the pigeons last month when she claimed mothers use the fact they have children as a buffer against working full-time. Put in another way, they’re snivelling, not getting up and working; they’re succumbing to telling you how they feel, not what they think.

The chilling realisation of “oh Gordon Bennett” (not Brown) gradually dawned on Ms Kristiansen, who unsurprisingly then claimed the Norwegian press had misquoted her.

Gerd Kristiansen has vowed to fight social dumping too. Apparently, more than half of those people in low-paid jobs – such as cleaners, a task spoiled Norwegians would rather avoid and pay someone else to do – are immigrants.

Her union is concerned that Norway’s standard of working-life will be affected by people from low-cost countries. At the same time, Statistics Norway (SSB) figures show almost all new jobs created last year went to foreigners – who probably even pay their taxes.

Enter Minister of Petroleum and Energy Ola Borten Moe this week, himself a father. He declares people from abroad make it possible to further-develop the welfare society, and calls LO’s foreigner scepticism “a meaningless use of time and energy”. The Minister recommends increased labour migration to Norway, and does not fear the natives will be pushed out of their jobs.

Left-Right, left, right, Gerd Kristiansen might be out burning bras, but let us hope that her organisation is not simultaneously burning its bridges.


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