Well, is it worth staying in Norway, the North Korea of Scandinavia?

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Norwegian culture

Been doing a lot of thinking of late, trying to figure out what to do.

Been working like mad to finish my house up so it is ready for sale.  Living up here in Hallingdal, which is akin to living in ‘deliverance’ world is simply not working out.  There are no real job opportunities, the jobs that are available go to the locals, regardless of their experience or competence and it seems that what you do in your spare time, what sport you are interested in, or hobby you pursue, is the only real thing to put on your CV.

So, it isn’t going to work out here.

I begin to consider moving to another town in Norway, somewhere bigger, where there are more job opportunities, a better cultural mix and perhaps a little warmer, or at least somewhere that has a spring…

But the whole dual citizenship thing kicks its head up and makes me stop and take a good, hard look at the bigger picture.

An I do not like what I am looking at.

And a lot of other foreigners seem to share the same distaste for what this country offers and the way it treats us invaders with disdain, mistrust and essentially looks down on us.

Our educations are not recognised, because we all live in caves and do not read or write.  WE are not competent to work in a position, regardless of our experience, often in an International scope and we are not viewed as having ‘potential’, thus see some of the laziest, most stupid and frankly shit poor excuses move past us on what promotional ladder exists within whatever workplace has taken us on.

So I did a bit of a tally, a comparison of sorts to try and take a more critical look at my situation, to remove the emotional aspect, because, I am pretty fucking emotional about all of this.

Tired of being kicked in the teeth, but being told I need to smile as not to upset the Norwegians.

So What have I come up with.

The comparison is between Norway and my home town in Aus, Newcastle.

Norway                                                                           Newcastle

weather                                       cold, wet, some sunshine                                            warm,  bloody hot in summer, lots of sun, heavy rain and storms in winter

job opportunities                     very restricted, poor choices                                     economy is good, network of friends, not an outsider, pretty good

healthcare                                   for the most part free                                                  for the most part free

educational opportunities     not much point as I am a foreigner                        plenty, from university to tafe and mining courses locally

cost of living                                bloody expensive, high taxes                                   not as expensive, but plenty taxes, council fees and city type costs

family aspect                               fresh air, snowsports, hiking, hytte                        beaches, bays, lake, valley (vineyards), hiking, cheap flights to NZ for skiing

environment                               clean water, fresh air (in mountains)                     coastal salt air, clean water, sunshine

that is where I am as yet, so far it is looking like home is the better option.

It would seem I am not alone in giving up on North Korea, I mean Norway.



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