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This is an area where I will attempt to interpret the latest news that I stumble over.. In reference to all news regarding Norway, always remember and keep forefront in your mind that Norway is the ‘richest country on earth’, but then again, it all depends on how you define ‘rich’……..

LAte July 2013:  The dual Citizenship issue has been called into the spotlight after the plight of  a Norwegian mother, her Australian Husband and their 3 children found they could not return to Norway as the 2 children born in Norway were not Norwegian anymore as they had acquired their Australian citizenship by decent.  It seems that Norway forbids dual citizenship if you are born in Norway and ‘seek’ it from your foreign parents homeland, but it is perfectly ok for Norwegians born abroad to be granted their Norwegian Citizenship.

This seems slightly mental and basically destroys all the arguments against dual citizenship used by the bumbling fuckwits that wander the corridors of power in Oslo, presumably high and something that they bought at Oslo train station from one of the many hundred drug dealers there.

The debate rages on with the Australian Government having made a clear statement refuting the UDI’s interpretation of Australian Legislation, which may help somewhat, as well as a number of groups popping up on facebook and other social media sites where many who are affected by this North Korean, sorry , Norwegian law are gathering before launching an all out nuclear strike, sorry, enlightened debate in the public eye via the media, such as VG in Norway which has picked up the story.

23 October 2011: The Eu has indicated that they are interested in how the Norwegian oil fund, otherwise referred to as the pension fund, could be helpful in saving the E.U monetary union and in bailing out banks, not people, but banks, that still pay their bosses and managers huge bonuses.

17 June 2011 : The Telenor mobile telephone net has collapsed again leaving a large proportion of the population without any telephone contact.  This can affect the emergency net (it did last week) and can possibly contribute to people not gaining medical attention, reporting of accidents and other important communications. The boss of telenor made 18 million Norwegian kroner last year, wonder how much he needs to get paid before he assumes responsibility for the performance of his business? –  (the Norwegian government is a major shareholder).

I have said before that I don’t think that Norwegians are particularly good at communication and have never really understood the concept of exchanging information and ensuring that those it is intended for understand it.

The rail line between to 2 biggest cities in Norway, Oslo and Bergen has been cut due to a fire in an avalanche tunnel.  It seems that the tunnel caught fire and that due to a lack of warning systems the train drove into the tunnel where it lost power (no backup generator on the train – no plan B as usual in Norway), and then the train was engulfed by the flames.  Luckily nobody was injured, however all the passengers, many of whom are tourists, lost all their possessions as a result and were left to wait for 3 hours in the mountains on a windy rainy day. Good to see the ‘worlds riches country’ can’t afford a smoke detector and in its mindless pursuit of cutting costs, has no real early warning and coordinated rescue system for its infrastructure network.

Over the same period, the rail network in Oslo stopped again (it seems to stop more than it goes) due to faults in the signalling equipment.  This is the standard line employed by the government and railway authority here, much like the ‘wrong type of leaves on the line’ those familiar with U.K rail will remember.  Considering that the government is pressing the need for more people to use public transport instead of the highly taxed private motor vehicles they currently favour, it seems contradictory  and utterly pointless due the unreliability and complete lack of investment in infrastructure that is a hall mark of Norwegian politics.

 19 June 2011: Telenor is still screwed, the fault in the mobile net is now affecting a major hospital, stopping new admissions and creating the potential for disaster.  The Boss of Telenor is still earning huge sums of money without the need to accept any responsibility.

On the topic of hospitals, recent reports have concluded that the hospital system is so riddled with problems, understaffed and under-resourced that people are dying as a result of mistakes made by overworked and stressed out staff.

A Norwegian sportsman recently was operated on the wrong knee and cancer patients are waiting so long for treatment after initial diagnoses that they are dying as a result.

As a Norwegian recently said to me;”the Norwegian health system is the best in the world, as long as you are not sick”. The hospital service recently came under scrutiny after it was exposed that Adecco, a labour hire firm, was underpaying its employees who worked in hospitals and essentially breaking all the employment laws.  As usual, nothing punitive occurred and Adecco continues.  The health authority executives are still massively overpaid and continue to operate under the presumption that the health service must make a profit.

– Man executed gangster style in Oslo, in front of witnesses outside a busy pub in Bislett.  Great, the worst of American culture has truly arrived in Norway

. – The police chief in Drammen sets a house on fire after firing a signal flare during some local celebrations.  I assume they will not be charged with arson.


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