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I am not sure about all of you, but my blood boils when I hear certain words used in Norwegian that display such a mind numbingly awesome level of ignorance and utter moronity that at times I have wondered why my long intestine has not made a mercy dash and climbed up inside my body and strangled me to relieve me of the desire to educate(usually the idea of stabbing them in the face with a large, blunt object repeatedly)  people who insist on sprinkling their sentences with large words that they think sounds clever but only act to identify them as the hillbilly trailer trash they actually are.

some of these ‘words’ are:

Effective (effektiv) : actually means –  less people running faster

Positive (positiv): meaning- I have my head up my arse thus I cannot see the problem you are mentioning

Budget: usually referring to a ‘wish list’ involving high profits and no costs.

Staff Meeeting (møte): lets get together, drink bitter, burnt dipolator ‘coffee’ and talk shit for an hour, agree an what changes we need to make and then tomorrow, continue doing the stupid shit we have always done.

Innovation (innovasjon): lets take an old, out of date and disfunctional idea/methodology/technique and give it a new name and logo.

Now ther are plenty more, and I would love to hear any further suggestions, but the fact is that I have to hear this crap every bloody day.

Over and over, as an excuse for not getting involved, a response to valid observations, as a way out of having to explain why the dumbest possible way that ever in the history of all life on the planet earth is the chosen way that we will do something.

So, today I tried something.

Everytime I heard one of these words I started humming or whistling the smurfs theme tune.

It helps.

It just seems to make sense of it all.

And if you think about it, just for a second, Norway is a lot like the imaginary world the Smurfs inhabit, simple, kind of like reality but not quite, lots of nature and the laws of physics seem to not apply.

And it helps me laugh off the frustration that leads to irreconcilable rage that engulfs me and to disengage – to be more ‘Norwegian’ as it was.  To just realise that it isn’t worth giving a shit, mediocrity is a valid goal and trying to improve, to make things better, learning from the mistakes of others or the past is pointless.

So, give it a try.